Endorsement of events

    CID does not organize events (classes, workshops, festivals, competitions, conferences etc.), it only provides services to organizers of endorsed events.

    Only events endorsed by CID can feature the CID logo. Using the CID logo or CID endorsement without permission is illegal.

    Events can be endorsed by CID only if they are organized by CID members and attended by a majority of CID members.

    Endorsement is for one time only, it has to be renewed if the event is repeated. Endorsement is granted to a limited number of events each year.

  Events endorsed by CID:

–  can use the CID logo

–  are announced at the CID Panorama (500,000 visits).

–  are announced in the CID Circular sent to over 30,000 dance professionals in 200 countries

–  are posted at the CID Portal (over 1.5 million visits).

   Other advantages:

–  Organizers can apply for subsidy to the City Council, the Ministry of Culture and other public agencies.

–  The event, bearing the prestigious endorsement of CID, will have better access to private sponsors.

–  An official representative of CID can be invited to attend.

–  The CID Secretariat can offer guidance in organizational matters.