Find persons in the world of dance

 There are over 300,000 listings, so most probably you are already listed.
Listings are in English, so use only letters of the English alphabet (example: e instead of é, c instead of ç.
1.  Start by finding your own listing.
Type your family name in the search window at
To send corrections fill the form at   Listing individual
2.  To find a person type his/her family name in the Search window.
If you get too many listings type the family name and the given name.
3.  To find persons in a particular form of dance:  type the dance and the location,
example:  tango Tokyo
4.  If you get too many replies, add another word. Try various words to see how it works.
5. You can refine your search by adding the first digits of a postal code, preceded by the country prefix (two letters and dash). 

Examples: FR-75 (for Paris), DE-10 (for Berlin), US-NY (for New York state).



ballet Paris 75015
Chicago therapy
Austria choreographer
Cape Town school
Isadora Duncan