How to renew membership



Individual                                    80 US dollars

Institutional:                              160 US dollars

Youth (age under 16)                  45 US dollars

Postage and handling                  15 US dollars



You will find remittance instructions below.

Send membership fee

1.   Through  (recommended)

Select:  Send to friends        Send to:    


Open a personal account or ask a friend to send from his account.

Go to    and sign up with your email address.

Click on:  Tools / Send money / Send money to Friends   so that we receive the full amount.

Send membership fee in US dollars to   

Write under the sum a message with your name and full postal address.


2.  Through  Western Union

Find your nearest office at

Ask us for details on the receiving side.


3.   Through MoneyGram

Find your nearest office at  or

Ask us for details on the receiving side.


4.  Through bank transfer

Add 20 to 50 dollars to cover commission by the receiving bank.

Ask us for our bank account number (IBAN) and other details.


Confirm postal address

Send full address with postal code where parcel will be sent. Specify if it is home or school address.

Add 10 dollars for handling and postage through national postal service.

If you want your parcel delivered by a private courier (DHL, ACS, FEDEX etc.) ask them for details and cost.