24th General Assembly

of the International Dance Council CID

The General Assembly of CID is the highest level event in the field of dance. It is held every two years, usually in a different country.

  The 24th General Assembly will take place on Monday 13 December 2021 at Palais de l’UNESCO in Paris.

  1. If you are not a CID Member

To apply for CID membership send your professional profile (CV, bio, resume).

  1. If you are a CID Member

Send General Assembly participation fee 35 US dollars (or 30 euros). Send membership fee for 2021 and 2022 since membership is renewed in December. You can nominate other dance professionals for CID membership so they can attend with you.

  1. If you need a visa or a formal invitation letter

Confirm your postal address where letter will be sent. Contact the Embassy of France in your country, read visa information in the Paris Section website before you apply.

  1. If you need financing

CID does not provide assistance for travel or accommodation. You can apply to your country’s National Commission for UNESCO and to public or private sponsors with the formal invitation letter.

  1. List of CID Members attending

Check that your name is in the list featured at the Paris Section website. This list will be handed to the UNESCO Security Service to allow you to enter the building and to issue a visitor’s badge. Visit www.unesco.org in 6 languages.

  1. Informal meetings

Sunday 12 through Wednesday 14 December from 18:00 to 22:00 at UNESCO, 1 rue Miollis (metro stations Sèvres-Lecourbe or Cambronne or Ségur). Leave your passport at the gate and come to Bâtiment Miollis bureau 8.41.

Since the Assembly is a purely administrative event, try to attend at least one informal meeting to discuss with CID members and staff.

  1. Travel agency

For flights, visa, low cost accommodation and general information you can contact the specialized travel agency LUMEN TRAVEL, Mr. Mansour, WhatsApp +30 690 688 9977   info@lumentravel.com

  For updated information visit regularly  www.paris.section.cid-world.org/ga-2021

  We look forward to seeing you in Paris


General Assemblies of CID

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Palais de l’UNESCO, Paris, France, 04/12/2019


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Palais de l’UNESCO in Paris, France, 21/12/2015     http://paris.section.cid-world.org

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Kadir Has University, Istanbul, Turkey, 27 November 2011

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Gran Teatro Cervantes, Malaga, Spain, 19/07/2009

17th General Assembly of CID
Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey, 14/04/2007

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Palm Beach Hotel, Larnaca, Chyprus, 13/11/2005

15th General Assembly of CID
Historic New Orleans Collection, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, 04/06/2003

14th General Assembly of CID
Palais de l’UNESCO, Paris, France, 27/06/2001

13th General Assembly of CID & International Symposium & International Dance Festival
Seoul, South Korea, 07-08/10/1998

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Sevilla, Spain, 1996

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Torino, Italy, 1994

10th General Assembly of CID
Pyongyang, North Korea, 28/09/1992

9th General Assembly of CID
Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 19-20/09/1990

7th General Assembly of CID
Nimes, France, 1988

6th General Assembly of CID
Paris, France, 1986

5th General Assembly of CID
Paris, France, 1984

4th General Assembly of CID
Stockholm, Sweden, 1982

3rd General Assembly of CID
London, UK, 1980

2nd General Assembly of CID
Köln, Germany, 02/07/1977

1st General Assembly of CID
Stockholm, Sweden, 01/06/1975