Program no. 18

CID Bookshelf

1. Digital books available free of charge


2. CID assists authors in publishing and promoting their books

Authors send the full text or an extensive summary for approval

2.1. Endorsed books bear the logo of CID and the caption: Endorsed by the International Dance Council CID
2.2. A publisher specialized in dance books provides knowhow on the entire publication process, free of charge
2.3. Books are included in the CID Virtual Library
2.4. Publication is announced in the CID Circular and the CID Panorama
2.5. Books can be presented and sold at CID Congresses
2.6. Readers and dance schools all over the world are encouraged to buy endorsed books for their library


3. No dance school without books

Take part in the CID program on dance literacy. Every dance school should have at least one shelf with books students can borrow or buy.