Dance Therapy

History of Dance Therapy

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Global Dance Directory

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World Congress on Dance Research

Read all texts plus videos of workshops and lectures presented.

All approaches to Dance Therapy, all countries, brought together for the first time.

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202 registered conferees (see list of names)

31 countries of the 5 continents

146 presentations, that is: 45 research reports (papers), 41 lectures, 42 dance classes, 10 video projections, 8 exhibitions.

11 university professors from 6 countries in the Scientific Committee.

28 CID members worked as volunteers in the Congress Team

    World Congresses on Dance Research are the most important gatherings of dance specialists, since 1987; see why at 

International Certification of Dance Studies

     You can offer it to your students as many dance therapists do, it is the only truly international qualification. Read about it in the CID Portal.

     Hundreds of dance therapists are proud Members of the International Dance Council, the official organization for all forms of dance in the world.