The CID Circular

01. URGENT guidelines for the coronavirus outbreak
Prepare for the eventuality that your school has to close. Read briefing below.

02. New CID email address
This CID Circular is sent to you from our new email address.
Please replace in your address book our previous address with the new one – do not write to the old address. You do not need to validate your email again.

03. Dance Day preparations
Find the official message, guidelines and ideas at
Translate the official message to your language, send it to be posted there, post it on your website, send it to your contacts.
Announce the celebration you plan for Dance Day, send a poster for the above website.

04. Vienna International Arts Festival, Austria
Inviting participants, 13-19 July 2020 to festival, competition, masterclasses, performance gala (ballet, contemporary, folk dance). Winners will dance with international guest stars.

05. Festival in Tokyo, Japan
Inviting participants, 13-14 June 2020, organized by Erika Akoh Global Dance Theater. Venue: GalaxCity Nishiarai Cultural Hall.

BRIEFING on the coronavirus disease outbreak

Dance schools had to close in some countries, this can happen in your country too. Below are hints on how to prepare.

1. Increase aeration of rooms, move classes outdoors if possible. Advise students to wear masks, wash their hands, not touch others, not touch their face. Read official instructions by the World Health Organization at Ignore unauthorized information by private sources.

2. Open a new section at your school’s website with advice on what to do during school’s closure. Ask students to visit it regularly for updates. Give them a phone number to call for instructions. Assure them that risks for young persons are minimal.

2.1. Include online classes on dance history, anatomy, music, costuming, makeup for dancers and other topics you do not have time to teach usually.
2.2. Post exercises to keep fit and ready to continue when school reopens.
2.3. Give instructions to parents on encourage their children to repeat exercises or routines they have been taught, or improvise.
2.4. Post videos with routines to learn so time at home will not be entirely lost.

3. Keep in touch with your students

3.1. Send emails or text messages regularly, make sure they keep dancing and do not get bored or depressed from having to stay at home.
3.2. Call them or their parents if necessary, tell them what you will do when the schools reopens.
3.3. Use the period of closure to reorganize, to plan for new programs, to promote your school and to attract new students.
3.4. Read the new CID portal, you will find a wealth of ideas for improvement. It contains a vast amount of information you do not have the time to get during your busy daily schedule.

01. Renewal of CID membership
Find invoice at Add $10 for handling and postage. is strongly recommended. Add $35 when using bank transfer.

02. Categories of CID Members
Normal membership is dual (individual plus institutional, that is you and your school or company) though exceptions are possible. Ask for the poster announcing that your school offers International Certification to its students.

03. 55th World Congress, Yerevan, Armenia, 14-18 April 2020
Inviting dance professionals from all countries, all forms of dance.

04. 56th World Congress, Athens, 1-5 July 2020
All forms of dance. Steadily the largest and richest in the world. For professionals only. Registrations are open.

05. 13th Dance World Cup Canada
Workshops, tour of Québec City, competition, performances. 28 June – 4 July 2020 at the Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu. Program includes International Certification awarding ceremony for your students.

06. Dance Day 29 April 2020
The theme for choreographies this year is Youth Dance Video. Produce a short video inspired by the values of UNESCO. Post your event at the official Dance Day website and Instagram #CIDDanceDay
Ignore other Dance Days promoted by commercial interests – there is only one official Dance Day for all forms of dance.
Dance Day this year is celebrated jointly by two UNESCO organizations: International Council for Film, Television and Audiovisual Communication (ICFT) and CID.

07. Your listing in the Global Directory
See what the world knows about you, verify your listing at
Millions of visitors read it (counter on the home page).

08. Intellectual property for choreographers
The art of dance is officially represented by CID at the United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva. Contact us if you wish to establish copyright for a choreographic creation of yours.

09. Meet the staff of CID
16 officers are there to serve you around the clock 7 days a week, see their photos at

01. Renewal of CID membership
See details at Add $10 for handling and postage. is strongly recommended. Add $35 when using bank transfer.

02. Events at UNESCO
Dance schools wishing to hand International Certification to their students at a special ceremony within the Palais de l’UNESCO in Paris, please write to the CID Secretariat.

03. Twitter accounts
Follow the CID President at Twitter @AlkisRaftis

04. CID is never on holidays
CID is the only organization that operates 24/7/365. We are proud to serve the dance community non-stop. Contact us through email, Facebook, Instagram. LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Twitter, Skype etc. All time zones, all religions are equal to us, that is why we do not send Christmas or other season’s wishes.

05. The next General Assembly
will be in 2021, venue to be announced 6 months ahead. The Secretariat will ask for proposals in January 2021.

06. Festival in Argentina
On 7 to 10 May 2020 in Santiago del Estero and Termas de Rio Hondo. Inviting companies, offering accommodation for three nights and half board.

07. Search the Global Dance Directory
To find schools and persons in your neighborhood go to Type your international postal code. Examples: ES-28004 IN-147001 IT-60131 MX-24080

08. Endorsed festivals
Inviting performers to festivals in Athens endorsed by CID:
Emmeleia 2020 Dance Festival, 14 & 21 September 2020. Anapale 2020 Dance Festival, 8 & 9 June 2020.

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