1. Title of CID Member

The title of “Member of the International Dance Council CID” is to be used only after the name of CID Members, after receiving a letter of confirmation of membership, and only during the year mentioned in that letter.

2. Logo of CID

The logo of CID is protected by international copyright laws. It can be used only near the title “Member of the International Dance Council CID” when this title follows the name of a Member.

The logo cannot be used independently. It cannot appear on certificates, diplomas or prizes. It cannot be used at events or activities together with logos of sponsors or other organizations.

Exceptionally, the CID logo can be used at events organized by members of CID, attended by a sufficient number of members of CID, and endorsed by the CID Secretariat, only after receipt of a formal letter of endorsement.

The CID logo can be used on publications of the CID Secretariat or CID Sections, including their websites.

3. Documents of CID

Documents of CID are valid only when signed by the President or the General Secretary or the Executive Director of CID. Receipts are signed by the Treasurer of CID or one of the Executive Secretaries as their authorized representatives.

4. Conduct of CID Members

CID has no rules of conduct, its Members are they are free to act in their own best interest. Members do not represent CID, therefore CID cannot be held responsible for their actions.