How to join CID 

Membership application

1.  Send your professional profile (curriculum vitae, resume, bio) describing your studies and activities.

2.  Validate your email address at  and read information there.

3.  Once your profile is approved, send membership fee.

4.  You will receive a letter of confirmation and a certificate for framing stating that you are a Member of the CID. You will also receive CID badges, presents and a variety of printed matter.

Send profile for evaluation by email to   

or by letter to:   International Dance Council CID

UNESCO, 1 rue Miollis, FR-75732 Paris 15, France

Membership fee

Individuals:                                          80 US dollars (or 55 euros)

Institutions (schools, organizations etc.):       160 US dollars (or 110 euros)

Students under 18 years of age:            45 US dollars (or 30 euros)

Associate members:                             375 US dollars (or 250 euros)

Congress registration:                          100 US dollars (or 65 euros) 

Above amounts are net, please add Paypal or bank commission.

Fees in euros are for residents of the Eurozone

How to send CID membership fee


Guidelines for Paypal

Open a personal account or ask a friend to send from his account.

Go to    and sign up with your email address.

Click on:  Tools / Send money / Send money to Friends

so that we receive the full amount.

Send membership fee in US dollars to

Write under the sum a message with your name and full postal address.


Guidelines for Western Union

(ask us before)